Advanced Service & Repair Ticketing and Tracking

  • Dramatically Reduce Turn Times
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Improve Efficiencies and Labor Costs
  • Automated, Timely Customer Communication
  • No Customer or Job Falls Through the “Cracks”

Reduce Turn Times and Streamline Your Business

Easily Manage and Track Service Order Transfers (SOTs)

Track orders that are sent out to either in-house or external vendors for part or all of the repair process.

  • Provide an online portal for the external vendors to use.

All equipment and devices are tracked by the exact make/manufacturer, model number and serial number.

Eliminate data entry errors because equipment/device selection is done using drop-down lists.

Labels and Barcode Scanning

Easily track and find equipment with Dymo labels and barcode scanning.

Automated Email communication

Send automated or one-click emails to customers and internal employees regarding the equipment repair process.

  • Easily updatable email templates.

Integrated With Our Invoicing and Pricing Components

Create pricing levels and apply those levels to your customers.

  • Pricing is automatically set when items are added to service orders.
  • Configure complex invoicing and billing templates that meet your business requirements.
  • Online/gateway credit card billing.

Integrated with our Inventory purchasing components

If a part is needed and is not in stock, then the service order is placed on hold and when the inventory item is received in the bin the service order is placed back in the queue automatically.

Work Flow Driven Repair Process Using Our RPA Engine

Workflow Statuses Driven by our Robotic Process Automation Engine

Equipment repair statuses and workflow are configure to match your requirements.

Employee and Tech Security

Security roles make sure that employees and techs only see the information they require.

  • Grant or deny access to statuses or part of the workflow based on roles.

Onboard New Techs Faster

The automated processes enable techs to focus on the repair and not the logistics of the process.

  • Techs know what repair order to work on next (with queues) and exactly what work to preform (checklists) on that order.

Comprehensive Inspection and Repair Checklists for any Industry

Configure YES/NO binary or any response your business requires

We can configure any number of or variety  of checklist responses for each checklist item. i.e. pass/fail, pass/fail/with notes, checked/not checked/n/a, collect a value with notes, etc.

Selection from a Bill of Materials on each checklist item

Attach products and services to checklist actions such as pass/fail. For example, on fail, display a list of products and services that can be added to the service order for that line item.

  • Show your customers which services and products were added to a work order based on each device checklist item.

Display and Record Tolerances

OEM tolerances for each model can be displayed and the tech can enter the actual tolerances found when performing the check.

Easy to Use Checkbox Labels for Common Issues

☑️ seal leaking  ☑️ motor running hot  ☑️ low pressure  ☑️ bad cables  ☑️ water damage, etc.

  • Different labels can be applied to different checklist items.
  • Business rules can be applied to labels.

Collect Notes for Each Checklist Item

Notes can be either internal or customer facing.

  • Easily roll out the results to your customers in email or print formats.

Assign Checklist(s) to Your Repair Orders Based on a Variety of Business Rules that Meet Your Requirements

Assign a checklist based on model, machine type, customer, work order type, etc.

Every Change Logged

Every change to a checklist is logged as to who did what and when.

Track Runtime Hours/HOBBs

Add many other custom fields to track and report on just about anything.

Stack Separate Checklists or Repeat the Same Checklist for QA and/or the Repair Process

Learn more about Cynch Repair Software components built for both small and large service centers.

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