Automated Repair & Service Software is Critical to Immediately Reducing the Supply Shortage of Ventilators to Help COVID-19 Patients

Electronic checklists and automated workflows dramatically reduce turn times for critical medical device repairs 

April 2, 2020, Denver, CO – Dan Sallis, CEO of Cynch, explains. “A large part of the solution to the supply shortage of ventilators is to get existing medical equipment back into production in hospitals as quickly as possible.  When equipment is delivered to a new location, people need to know instantly which units can be put into production and which units have to be serviced. They’ll also need a way to quickly and easily process those units that require servicing.  If we can dramatically reduce the time back into service, we could potentially save many more lives. Additionally, we may not need to build as many new units – and wait the months it will take for those units to be available.  

Furthermore, the solution needs to be SaaS based so it can be accessed quickly and easily form anywhere in the world.  The ventilators that are being repaired in Sunnyvale now may wind up in Madrid in June. If hospital workers can scan those units and know exactly what they have and the repair history, they will be able to put the equipment to work much faster saving lives.  We could roll out an MVP to a repair shop within 24 hours.”

Many service centers today are still using manual processes to get a job done, sometimes not even documenting the necessary steps on either paper or online because of the complexity of the workflows. After implementing Cynch, service centers immediately find complex repair procedures and maintenance processes become simplified, thereby speeding time to completion.

Cynch is waiving rush setup fees and offering deep discounts on initial process configuration to medical device repair shops to help get needed medical equipment back in the hands of health care providers as fast as possible.  In most cases, Cynch can get a business up and running with custom configured processes in 24-48 hours. Cynch’s customers rave about improvements to their workflow processes and turn times after implementing the Cynch Custom Checklists functionality. 

How does it work?

Cynch checklists are extremely flexible and easily configured for each business.  A checklist can also be triggered based on certain properties of the order such as brand, make, and/or model, equipment type, or order type. For a medical device repair business, this could mean which state the work order item is coming from to guarantee certain state regulations are met.

A checklist action item could be a simple yes/no or a pass/fail that triggers another checklist to be followed. Notes can be attached to an item for more clarification. Service center managers can then look at the checklists and see what was done, when the action was completed, and by whom. This functionality provides transparency and helps team members communicate and work more efficiently.

Although simple for the user, these checklists are intricate and can produce a bill of materials for service centers to attach a product to a checklist as well. Before the checklist is started the technician can see which items are needed to complete the workflow. The ability to attach products to checklists helps companies understand what should be in stock in order to complete a specific service. This functionality gives service centers a forecast that helps optimize the  purchasing process.  

Cynch checklists ensure that every technician, not just the most experienced, understands even the most complex repair process. Cynch checklists standardize even the most complex processes, helping to deliver a high-quality customer experience every time.

 About Cynch

Cynch helps service centers in multiple industries including medical, outdoor power equipment, retail, and outdoor recreation efficiently manage their after-sales service and repair operations. 

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