Invoicing & Billing that fits Your Business & Your Customers’ Businesses

  • Automatic Credit Card Billing
  • Custom Invoicing Templates
  • Easily Divide Payment Methods Like Credit Cards and Terms
  • Set Pricing Levels

Comprehensive Invoicing and Billing

Create Pre-configured, Master Templates

Master templates for your business will have all the business rules for invoicing or statements including the billing cycle, payment terms, language, currency, type (invoice, invoice not asking for payment, statement, etc.).

Apply Master Templates to Individual Customers

For example, apply a Monthly Credit Card Auto Bill template to your customer, Acme, for their recurring subscription to your service plan. Then apply a second template, Monthly Statement on 30 Day Terms, for example, to the same Acme customer for professional services.

Create as Many Price Levels as Your Company Requires

Unlimited pricing levels enable you to deliver the exact pricing model that your customers require.

Individual Price Overrides

Fine tune and tweak pricing with price overrides for individual customers.

Pricing Types

Create pricing types with attached business rules. i.e. A price type called Cap for an order that caps that order at that amount. Add a price type of Line Item Override that allows the order to exceed the Cap if that line item is added to the order.

Completely integrated with our Inventory, Warranty Tracking, Service Center, Ecommerce, and POS components.

Our platform is natively unified – no integrations ever. That means all the components were built from the ground up on the same unified platform. We don’t acquire.  We BUILD.

Learn more about Cynch’s Invoicing and Billing Software components built for small to large retailers, manufacturers and distributors.

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